Art Deco designs that stand the test of time

In recent years, vintage has seen a comeback. People are increasingly looking for authentic vintage items, such as retro clothing and antique jewelry. 

This is especially true for engagement rings. Art Deco rings are becoming a popular choice for future brides because of their timeless and unique style. This article will explain what Art Deco jewelry is and how you can identify the various styles to make your own.

What is art deco in jewellery?

Art Deco was born in 1925 from the Paris World’s Fair’s eye-catching displays. Before the Art Deco period began, Edwardian engagement rings were popular for their intricate, romantic, and elegant design elements. Art Deco jewelry became more popular because it showcased luxury and glamor. Art Deco rings feature geometric patterns, liberal use of symmetry and linear shapes. These rings often include colorful gemstones such as sapphires and rubies, along with diamonds.

Art Deco, a shorthand for French arts decoratifs, refers to a style that emphasizes geometric patterns and abstract design and a general look of fine craftsmanship as well as luxury. Art Deco is the style that clothing and jewelry designers use to describe their inspirations.

These design elements left an indelible impression and became a timeless and staple trend in many industries, including fashion, architecture, cars, and jewelry. Between 1920 and 1935, genuine vintage jewelry was made. These jewelry styles were fashionable through the 1930s and eventually came back to prominence as the most sought-after type of antique jewelry.

Art Deco jewelry displays at least one trait (if not all) of a particular set of characteristics. We’ll show you how to recognize authentic Art Deco jewelry, and give you tips on how to make it yours.

White metals, over yellow gold

Yellow gold is not as mainstream as it used to be, contrary to popular belief. Art Deco jewelry was created in platinum’s brilliant, dramatic white. Platinum is rare and costly. White gold was created as a result. White gold was developed to counter the increasing cost of platinum and satisfy the growing demand for this white metal. Both are light metals but each have their own style and flair.

Antique Cut Diamonds

Genuine Art Deco jewelry won’t contain round brilliant diamonds unless the original design was altered. You’ll instead find gorgeous antique cut diamonds. The Old European Cut is the most important. The Asscher cut, antique cushion cut and transitional cuts are all beautiful vintage diamond cuts that are commonly used in Art Deco style ring designs.

Geometric, vibrant design

Art Deco jewelry is all about bright lines and geometric shapes. This design ushered into a new era known as the Roaring ’20s. This was a time of rebellion against the established order and a shift towards a style that stood out from previous decades. Art Deco is a new design that embraces a vibrant design unlike its predecessor, Edwardian. People often confuse the two styles because they look very similar. You can help yourself distinguish between the two styles by using smaller diamonds in Edwardian-era rings to accent a pattern while Art Deco rings use more colored gems.

Filigree Design

Filigree work has intricate, tiny cut-outs. This is what we still see, but it is not as good as Art Deco. Filigree was a form of jewelry that had been developed using die-cast machines by the late 1920s. It was easily accessible in the 1930s. These pieces can be made with a variety synthetic stones, including diamonds, white gold, platinum and platinum. It is difficult to recreate the precise, filigree work of 1920s rings today, since most rings are made using wax molds.

Bezel Settings

Along with the rise in popularity of bezel setting, there was also a trend for strong, geometric lines. Bezels were once discarded in favor of lighter-metal prongs. Art Deco saw a revival of bezels. They are used to frame a step-cut diamond with a thin brilliance line. Although they may look similar today, the current bezel settings are lighter.

Art Deco rings and other forms of jewelry are easy to wear everyday. It will match any outfit, no matter how it’s dressed. This is a common misconception. It is believed that it ties you down and makes you stick to one style of jewelry.

Some brides fall in love with an Art Deco ring but fear that they won’t find the right wedding band. They may be afraid that they will not like the ring later, or they might choose a ring that is vintage-inspired. All of these worries can be easily addressed.

It will take some time to find the right wedding band for your Art Deco engagement rings. However, it is not difficult. It’s possible to try out a variety of styles and combinations of traditional and non-traditional wedding bands until you find one that is completely unique to your set. These rings are timeless and have been in fashion for over a century. Don’t be afraid to buy something that isn’t trendy. Art Deco-styled rings are timeless and will outlast any fads.

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