Why yellow gold is having a moment right now

Since the Egyptians, yellow gold has been a symbol of luxury and elegance. Now, with vintage being at its peak, yellow gold is making a comeback for engagement rings. Anyone with a warmer complexion will love it. It is no surprise that Halle Berry and Olivia Wilde opted for yellow gold engagement rings in recent years. They are all modern-day style icons.

Today’s brides are not content with the traditional white and platinum gold, but they are now looking to the past and following the example of the baby boomers by pursuing this precious metal.¬†

Partly, the popularity of this colour is due to the unconventional and hip millennial brides who are now looking for ethical and diamond alternatives. This shift in perspective is combined with the general trend towards yellow gold, as seen in the work smaller independent jewellers, to explain why this metal is enjoying such a revival.

Pure yellow gold can be very soft so it must be mixed with other metals in order to use it as jewelry. For example, copper, silver or nickel are all good options. If you were to use pure yellow gold for your engagement ring, you will soon notice that it is brittle and uneven.

The karat, which is the amount of yellow metal used in the metal’s composition, determines the price and yellow tone. Pure yellow gold is 24 Karat, and most engagement rings can be made from 18k (75% and 25% alloy metal), or 14k (58% and 42% respectively).

Yellow gold is a good option if you have a limited budget. It also allows you more freedom when choosing the color of your diamond. It doesn’t matter if your solitaire diamond is placed next to a white metallic, which may make it look unfavorably.

Many designer engagement rings are made from yellow gold. Danhov makes use of halo diamonds, diamond pave, and other techniques to make something elegant and beautiful. Verragio uses scalloping and beading to create something rich and ornate. Benchmark also makes engagement rings that mix yellow gold and other metals. This is a unique take on the traditional design.

Meghan Markle’s three-stone bespoke engagement ring, which is made from yellow gold, has helped to cement its status as the next big thing.

The royal ring is true to Millennial fashion and includes personal elements, including diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection as well as a Botswana-sourced ethically sourced diamond.

In a BBC interview, Prince Harry said that the ring was “apparently yellow gold because it’s [Meghan]’s] favorite color and that the main stone is from Botswana. The little diamonds on either side are from my mom’s jewellery collection to make certain that she’s along with us on this crazy journey together.”

It is clear that the transition to yellow-gold reflects a shift towards a timeless and more traditional style. Brides are now seeing their engagement rings as more than just a fashion item. This ensures that the heirloom piece reflects their individuality. Brides desire something timeless that will still be beautiful 50 years from now.

If there is one thing that the revival of wedding jewellery made from gold shows us, it’s that fashion trends are always changing. Bridal is no exception. You will always love what you love.

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